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21 Snippets.

21 Snippets is a writing programme that gets you started with writing, and builds a foundation for your life as a writer. It helps you get the writing done.
21 Snippets.

Being a writer is having a habitual pattern of writing. It sounds like a no-brainer (and it is) but if you knew how many people dream of being writers without writing, you would be surprised.

For some reason, writing is a craft people think they can do without having to write on a daily basis. You would never think that about a great athlete. You know that if you want to get to the Olympic Games, you have to train every day for years.  

Why do we think differently about writing? Because society is build on it. We cannot go through life without having to write. We depend on writing. By contrast, it's no problem going through life without being an athlete.

Are you a writer?

In other words, people have a pretty good idea of what writing is, but they have rarely explored it deeper than that. They have never built a habitual pattern of writing on a daily basis.

That's key to writing, though. It's the one thing that separates a writer from the masses. Whatever talent you have, and however great a craftsman you are, your life must be built around getting the writing done.

This is, of course, hard. But if it wasn't hard, anybody could do it, which is not the case. Only writers can do it. So ask yourself, are you a writer?

The program

If you are, but need help to get started, then 21 Snippets is a great writing programme for you. It gives you a tiny writing exercise every day for 21 days.

Research shows that it takes a minimum of 21 days for the neurons in your brain to support a new habitual pattern. It's enough to get you into the habit of writing, and let more advanced training take over from there.

So why not do it? Why not make this tiny effort for 21 days, and kickstart your life as a writer?

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Sign-up today, and get going with that writing dream of yours. It's hard work to be a writer, but if you take it a snippet at the time, it's actually within reach.

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