A new beginning.
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A new beginning.

The 25th of December marks the return of the light to the Northern Hemisphere, but it also symbolizes a return of our inner light.
A new beginning.

From the point of view of independent spirituality the 25th of December marks the return of the light. Seen from the Northern Hemisphere the sun has been moving south since June, but on the 22nd of December it stops and stands still on the horizon for three days before it starts moving north again.

From a symbolic point of view the sun is being reborn again, and the 25th of December thereby marks the exact date when the light returns to the Northern Hemisphere.

Symbol of the sun

Since Jesus Christ is originally nothing but a symbol of the sun (the light of the world) we don't really celebrate the birth of a person on this day, but simply the "birth" of the sun.

There are numerous other symbolic meanings to the myth of Jesus that I will not go into details with now. It's not the purpose of this article. Rather, it's remembering that the birth of Jesus is only an allegorical myth for a returning of the light.

Outside vs. inside

In spirituality, nothing happens on the outside without also happening on the inside. That's the premise of all spirituality. As above, so below. Meaning that when the light returns to the Northern Hemisphere it also returns to our hearts and minds. Our light within is reborn.

It happens every year on this exact date like clockwork. That's because it's part of macro cosmos; the "as above" part of the equation. It's beyond our control. Bigger than us. Divine.

Extra effort

I personally believe that today is the perfect day for reflecting a little deeper on this to understand that everything in life is nothing but a phase. Even though life may seem dark sometimes, the light will eventually return.

We should make a little extra effort to figure out how we can live up to the micro cosmic part of the equation; the "as below" part. What can we do to let the light return to our inner being?


That's what it means to celebrate that God became a man named Jesus on this date. It's taking the divine light of the sun (God) and letting it into our mind (Jesus).

As such, Jesus was never born physically (or historically), but by identifying with the macro cosmic light that he represents (sunlight) we can allow our micro cosmic light (love) to shine a little brighter from this day and onwards.

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