Five Element Writing is a concept for independent spirituality. It's about writing to find your spirit and get a deeper understanding of life.

In Denmark, we have an old saying,

"You have to do things in the right spirit."

It means that you must always be true to who you are, and the circumstances you find yourself in. To do that, however, you must first find your spirit and learn to tap into it.

Five Element Writing teaches you how to do that. You become aware of who you are, and why you matter. Your choices become clear and you learn to stand by your innermost being in all aspects of life.

Write to understand

To get there we use writing. Not writing to publish, but writing to understand. It's the most misunderstood part of writing, and it's the most important.  

Writing puts you in direct contact with your spirit, and you experience yourself in a situation where you cannot hide from who you are. It can be a little scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will see yourself in a new light.

Independent spirituality

Research shows that 16,4% of the world population can be categorized as spiritually independent. That's more than 1.1 Billion people! They are unique because they create their own individual synthesis of spirituality based on different religions, traditions and science.

It's the next big thing in spirituality, but it requires a new framework and new tools. Since spirituality and writing has always been closely connected, and because writing is always an individual activity, it makes sense to innovate inside this particular intersection.

In Five Element Writing we are independent of any religious or spiritual doctrine. We believe spiritual development is an individual matter, and we respect all strands of faith that are peaceful and non-violent. Our core values are,

Independence. Curiosity. Willingness to understand.

They are all natural drivers for spiritual growth, no matter the circumstances.