Are you independent?
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Are you independent?

Independent spirituality is about making up your own mind about your connection with the divine on the basis of an equal interest in all traditions.
Are you independent?

What does it mean to be spiritually independent? Does it mean that you are alone in the world? Does it mean that you cannot share your thoughts and emotions with others? Does it mean that you have to invent everything by yourself?

No, of course not. All it means is that you consider yourself an individual with the power to make up your own mind. You don't depend on any doctrines, whether religious, political or scientific, to reflect upon life and ask the deeper questions.

Equal interest

Instead, you depend on your ability to explore and analyse whatever source material is at your disposal, and use it as a foundation for establishing your own connection with the divine.

As a spiritually independent person you take responsibility for that process in order to grow as a human being. You look upon the spiritual traditions of the world with equal interest, curiosity and a willingness to understand.

Then you hold them up against your self understanding. You allow yourself to be inspired, not indoctrinated, and to always reserve the right to make up your own mind.

Absorb what is useful

If any given spiritual context cannot provide that freedom for you, it cannot serve you as a spiritually independent person. Then you have to move one to a new source of inspiration.

You can, of course, take whatever learning points with you as you move on. All spiritual contexts have something to offer, and whatever you absorb along the way will always be part of you.

How could you ever give it up, just because you move on? It has brought you to where you are now, so naturally you should respect it for what it gave you.

Leave the door open

As humans, we have a natural tendency to believe. It's what enables us to accept life on a larger scale than what our intellect is capable of understanding. We can resist it intellectually, but deep down we all believe in being part of something bigger than ourselves. It's human nature.

There is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, it only shows that we are human. But being human is also to evolve through reflection with an open mind. Blind belief tends to close our mind. To make us unreachable, even to ourselves.

Independent spirituality always leaves the door open to a new and deeper understanding. We must always have room for the urge to search for yet another layer of this beautiful mystery we call life.

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