Back story

Life didn't click into place until I accepted my destiny as a writer. It was a sort of surrender to my spirit that had to happen.
Back story

Hi, I’m Michell Léon. A writer who writes to get a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of life.

My signature writing style is the causerie, an old journalistic writing style where you discuss with yourself to reach clarity.

I write books, blogs, newsletters and essays, and I write in both Danish and English. My books are written in Danish (my mother tongue), and my blogs, newsletters and essays are in English.

I was born in Copenhagen in 1972 and received a BA in journalism in 2000. Since then, I worked as a freelance journalist, a ghostwriter and a political speechwriter at top government level in Denmark before I jumped into life as a next-big-thing entrepreneur.

After more than a decade in entrepreneurship I realized that I'm happier as a writer. Part of my work as a writer, though, is to help leaders plant their spiritual flag through a unique writing process.

The Seer

In 2006, I met my spiritual mentor, Calle Montsegur, an old esoteric Seer living in Andalusia, Spain, who taught me his method and philosophy.

When he died in 2007 it made me write a memoir about him, as well as my own process of understanding spirituality, the science behind it, and the personal development that followed.

Afterwards, I spent almost 13 years in search for a way to pass on what I learned. It didn't click into place, until I accepted my destiny as a writer. It was a sort of surrender to my own spirit that had to happen.

Independent spirituality

That’s when I had the idea of Five Element Writing, a concept for independent spirituality, and it occurred to me that it has a real place in the world.

16,4% of the world population can be categorized as spiritually independent. That's more than 1.1 Billion people! A number not to be messed with. It's the next big thing in spirituality and a deciding factor in how we shape the belief systems of the future.

We don't have to belong to a religion or a spiritual lineage to find and develop our spirit. All we have to do is reflect upon life through the process of writing. There is really no better tool for the process. Writing goes deep.