Five Element Writing is a concept for personal development based on handwriting. It helps you find your voice, and be it.

The reason you get lost in life is that you follow the voice of others. To live a fulfilling life you must find your own voice, and apply it to everything you do.

Five Element Writing helps you get there through the process of handwriting. No other tool is as powerful for discovering your voice as writing with pen and paper, and when combined with weekly writing exercises the process becomes focused and consistent.

Two levels of content

Five Element Writing has two levels of content,

  1. Free preview. You get my Sunday newsletter and access to the newsletter archive.
  2. Paid membership. You get a writing exercise in your inbox every Wednesday to make your process focused and consistent. On top of that you get my Sunday newsletter, access to the newsletter archive, and anything I add down the road.

I use “legacy pricing” as my pricing policy. Meaning, the price you pay at the time of sign-up stays with you indefinitely, even if I raise prices in the future as the site matures. It's how I pay thanks to my early adopters.

Why personal development (the purpose)?

We live in a time when self realization is the main driver for modern life. Not just on a personal level, but on a social level as well. If you are not always working towards being about more than just you, it's hard to justify yourself both socially and professionally. Constant personal development is simply a prerequisite for modern life.

Why handwriting (the tool)?

According to scientific research, handwriting makes you smarter. It brings you into a flow state, which has the same effect as meditation and mindfulness. The key is to write to understand, not to publish. Nobody is going to see your writing. It makes you relax and enjoy an entirely inner experience.

Read more about the benefits of handwriting here.

Why the five elements (the framework)?

We all know earth, water, air, fire and ether. We all carry them within as inherent wisdom. By using the five elements as a framework you instinctively understand the essence of each exercise before you begin. Add to that the philosophical depth of the five elements, and you have a framework that's both easy and simple to use for profound personal development.  

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