Your voice is key to the magic of writing and the unthinkable depths of your mind.

Find your voice, and discover the unthinkable through the magic of writing.

As a writer, you depend on your voice. It unveils the hidden gems of your mind, and lets you discover the unthinkable. Get to know your voice, and it will take you to places far beyond what you think your mind is capable of.

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Your voice is a river

Most writers find their voice through genre and format, but these have nothing to do with your voice. They are just a vessel for it. A boat you step into to sail down the river. Your voice, however, is the river itself. It carries your writing like the river carries a boat, and it's there no matter which boat you take.

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The five elements

We all carry the five elements within as inherent wisdom. We all instinctively know what they are about. In Five Element Writing, each element represents a certain aspect of writing that unlocks the depths of your voice before writing a single word. All you have to do is absorb it, and make it a natural part of your being.

This is the concept,

Earth = Structure & Environment
Water = Flow & Emotion    
Fire = Conflict & Thought    
Air = Rhythm & Dialogue  
Space = Theme & Action  

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