Five Element Writing is a concept for finding your voice as a creative writer – and be it.

Whatever the genre and format, your voice carries your writing like a river carries a boat. It's there no matter which boat you take. Get to know your voice before genre and format, and it will automatically take you there.

In the spirit of open source the concept itself is free. Use it at will. You only pay for my version of it: the exercises.

Two levels of membership

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  2. Paid. You get a creative writing exercise in your inbox every Wednesday, my Sunday newsletter, and anything I add down the road.

I use “legacy pricing” as my pricing policy. Meaning, the price you pay at the time of sign-up stays with you indefinitely, even if I raise prices in the future as the site matures. It's how I pay thanks to my early adopters.

The values

Values are everything to a concept. The values of Five Element Writing are,

Individual. PlAyFuL. Innovative.

Here is why,

  • Writing is an individual craft. You can only do it your way.
  • Being playful makes it dynamic and fun, and keeps you from getting stuck in being too serious.
  • Innovation naturally grows out of playfulness, and finding your voice is a pretty innovative task. You are not going to get far without it.

Creative writing

Getting to know your voice, and learning to trust it, is the most important thing for a creative writer. Once you have it, it stays with you forever, and you can explore all genres and formats in a never ending process of artistic and personal evolution.

Five Element Writing gets you there through a simple, yet profound, concept. We all carry the five elements within as inherent wisdom. We all know earth, water, fire, air and space. It qualifies you for the exercises in advance, and unlocks the depths of your voice before writing a single word.

If you want to be more than genre and format, Five Element Writing is your concept.

The five elements

Each element represents an aspect of writing,

Earth = Environment
Water = Emotion  
Fire = Thought  
Air = Dialogue
Space = Action

By getting to know them, and by combining them with each other, they lead you to your voice in every piece of writing coming from your hand.

Read more about the five elements.