The concept of Five Element Writing is simple, yet it gives you a deep understanding of yourself and the spiritual side of life.

Five Element Writing is a concept for independent spirituality. It's about writing to find your spirit and get a deeper understanding of life.

Two levels of content

Five Element Writing has two levels of content,

  1. Free subscription. You get the newsletter and access to the forum.
  2. Paid subscription. You get access to ALL content. Including innovative writing exercises, inspiring life lessons and personal stories. Plus, of course, the newsletter and access to the forum.

Please subscribe to either a free or a paid subscription to move on.

Sunday Newsletter

Every Sunday I send my newsletter to ALL subscribers. It's personal and part of my own process of getting a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of life.

Write to understand

In Five Element Writing we write to understand, not to publish. Nobody is going to see your writing except you. This is a crucial principle. It makes you relax and enjoy an entirely inner experience.

Find your spirit

When you write to understand you are in direct contact with your spirit. Since your spirit is "the secret agent of your soul" (or the link to your soul), you get a profound understanding of yourself this way. Use the exercises of Five Element Writing to break down the barriers to your soul, and discover who you really are.