In the new era of time we need a new leadership. Using an ancient structure I integrate your spiritual path with your role as a leader.

If you are a leader, I can help you define your spiritual path through a unique writing process.

You will not only plant your spiritual flag as a leader. You will also make sure it integrates with the new era of time and everything that comes with it.

Ancient structure

To get there I use a conversational structure developed over thousands of years. It has been the bedrock of spiritual development and personal awakening since ancient times, and it has proved its value over and over again.

Most of the religions and spiritual traditions of the world are based on this structure, and we find it in almost any sacred scripture we know of. It has an astonishing depth that leads directly to spiritual clarification and transformation.

A new leadership

We are currently moving from one era of time to another, and to find our way we need a new kind of leadership. The industrial age has taken us far, but it's equally clear that its narrow mindset of unstainable growth cannot carry us further.

We have to see things in a larger perspective and play our role in a world where everything is connected. Not only at a technological level, but at a spiritual level as well.

Being a leader in today's world requires the ability to take this responsibility upon you. Something that can only be done with complete spiritual clarity within.  

E-mail conversation

The conversation takes place in writing via e-mail. Writing is a unique process, and there is no better way of reflecting upon life when you are alone – as leaders always are.

By using the e-mail format you get the proper time to reflect before answering. The process goes deeper this way, and can be spread out over longer periods of time; even years. You can also fit it into your schedule more easily. It's always on your terms. As a side effect the continuous e-mail thread documents the entire process and creates a monument for you to return to.

It's the modern equivalent of getting a question from your spiritual master and go to the cave to meditate upon it – only to return some time later with your answer. There is a profound spiritual development attached to the process. It's a spiritual practice in its own right.

Complete privacy

To protect your privacy I use Protonmail for the conversation, and I recommend you do the same. We can encrypt the entire conversation if needed, and you can even be anonymous. I don't have to know your real name to guide you through the process. That way there is no risk of revealing any sensitive information about yourself or the context you operate in.


Conversations come in bundles of ten correspondences. Example: I send you an e-mail, and you respond to that email. That's one correspondence. After ten correspondences you have to buy another bundle to continue.

The price of one conversation bundle is: 1499$ (USD). If you are the leader of a startup, I give you 50% discount.

Payments are preferred in gold via the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange (for security and privacy reasons). Or, they can be made in currency (USD) via Paypal.

Start the conversation

If you are interested in developing your spiritual leadership, please consider the following scenario,

Three spiritual masters were walking up a mountain together, equally determined to reach the top. As they walked they talked about life and its mysterious ways, and how important it is to be true to one's true nature to never get lost. After a while the path split into three seperate paths. All leading to the top of the mountain.
The first master said, "My focus is to serve people and give them experiences. I will take this path."
The second master said, "My focus is to make products that can provide value to people. I will take this path."
The third master said, "My focus is to create concepts that can change the world. I will take this path."

Which master would you follow?

Send me your answer, and let's start the conversation!

In good spirit,
Michell Léon