Online writing programmes that get you through the writer's journey.
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Writing gets easier with a little nudging, and these online writing programmes get you through the journey step by step.  

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Programme: 21 Snippets

Typesetting in wood

21 Snippets is a writing programme that gets you started as a writer. It helps you get the writing done by giving you a tiny writing exercise every day for 21 days.

Research shows that it takes a minimum of 21 days for the neurons in your brain to support a new habitual pattern. It's enough to get you into the habit of writing, and let more advanced training take over from there.

To get going as a writer, make this tiny effort for 21 days, and learn the method of Five Element Writing along the way.

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Programme: Find your true element.

We all carry the five elements within, but there is one of the elements more fundamental to each of us than the others. That's what we are going to find in this programme.

The five elements are the base of our human connection to nature, and knowing your true element means knowing your inner nature. It makes you aware of the source of your individuality.

The programme gives you a basic understanding of the five elements and leads you to your true element. You get a unique personal insight, and since everything you write grows out of your element, your writing improves too.

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