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Seek out your true element.

Even though most of our lives today are software based, we must remember we are also hardware, and connect with nature through our true element.
Seek out your true element.

One of the most rewarding things when you discover your true element is seeking it out in real life. And yes, that would be your physical life. Actually experiencing your element through your senses is a wonderful experience. You feel part of it and get the sense that this is where you belong.

For my part it's pretty easy, since my true element is water, so all I have to do is go for a swim in the ocean. If your element is earth, go to the forest, or attend to some weeding in your garden. If your element is fire, put a match to something and watch it burn (I recommend a safe and controlled fire).

Air and space

In case your true element is air, you have a couple of options. The simple pleasure of talking to someone or listening to music is the air element, but you can take it a bit further and try out some paragliding, para shooting, or base jumping. It's probably on the extreme side, but if you are the adventurous type, why not?

Naturally, if your true element is space, you have a bit of a challenge, unless you are an astronaut getting ready for your next orbit. On the other hand, space travel is possible these days, so don't say you will never get the chance to experience space. It might take a bit of money at the moment, but within a couple of decades it will be democratized like anything else. You will be able to afford it someday.

It's in your mind

Having said that, there are other ways of experiencing space. As an element it's more than the space between the stars, it's also the space everything grows in on planet Earth. No flower, animal, or human would be able to grow and move through life without space.

It's all there, and it can be experienced through your mind. All you have to do is focus on it. In fact, it's what happens every time you enter a building of any kind. A church, temple, or museum, is often a good way of doing it, though. Those buildings are designed for triggering just that feeling.

Stem cells for the mind

The point is that although human life today is mostly software based, we must never forget that we are also hardware. We have to align ourselves with Mother Nature and feel part of it, and the best way of doing it is through your true element. It's like stem cells for the mind. You connect with it, experience it, and discover the truth of who you are in the process.

In order to do it, you must know your true element, of course. It's not difficult as such, but it can be a bit of a process. For some reason we humans pretend we are something else than what is actually the case, and when it comes to our true element, it's no different.

Who are you really?

Your coping patterns tend to overshadow who you really are, and once you dig into the process of finding your true element, you discover a lot of things about your feeling of self that are not what you thought they would be.

That's personal development in a nutshell, and the method of Five Element Writing has that effect on you. It's almost impossible to go through the exercises and programmes without changing your point of view on yourself.

Some people might consider that a problem. I see it as a gift. An opportunity to get to know yourself as you really are.