The five elements.
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The five elements.

Earth. Water. Air. Fire. Ether. Life wouldn't exist without them, but we are not always aware of how important they are.
The five elements.

Life unfolds between them, and we wouldn't have it without them. It's the constant interaction between them that makes up life as we know it — and don't know it.


Earth is the foundation. The soil where seeds are sown to make life happen. The place where everything is rooted. There is little movement in this element alone, but a lot of movement because of it.

Every step we take in life depends on the earth element. If we weren't able to push down into Earth as our first action, any step forward would never happen. In reality most of our actions in life are nothing but reactions to the level of our grounding. The deeper the root, the stronger the tree. Having a strong earth element is essential.


Water is the flow of time. Or life. No water, no life. It's really that simple. The water element is also our emotions and their constant flow within. They govern our actions in many ways, and even when we stride to master them, we never gain full control. They exist in a constant interplay with our mind and for good reason: To mature us and help us grow.

A person without a deep connection with his or hers emotions is a half-hearted person, not aware of what it means to be him or her. Our awareness of how we respond emotionally to life is our engine of maturing. It's how we grow as human beings. The water element represents that process. It's our personal source of growth over time.


Air is expression. Communication. Movement. It's the element that moves the most, and when we move our body we experience the element of air one way or the other. It also controls the spoken word and singing. Any language is directly attached to air element.

So is scent. We often misunderstand the value of scent, but it's one of the deepest senses we have. It has a direct connection with the undercurrents of our mind and affects all of our actions with immediate effect.

Most importantly, though, air is the medium of the spirit. When we take our first breath as newborns we breathe in the spirit of our soul for the first time, and the rest of our lives that spirit acts as a link between our body and our soul. Only through the spirit can our soul carry out its agenda. The moment the body dies the link is broken, and the spirit returns to the soul. Air is the element of this entire process, which is so essential to understanding life.


Fire is thought. Transformation. Development. Creation. It's our cognitive abilities both analytically and creatively. It's the element of change in any aspect of it. Science, for instance, depends entirely on the fire element. So does art and design. Human development as we know it is a direct result of the fire element. Literally. No fire, no iPhone. Everything we surround ourselves with in today's world is governed by the fire element. Including personal development.

The mere fact that we can talk about personal development is entirely because of independent thought. Or the fire element. We owe everything in our modern world to it. Industrialization. Science. Democracy. Technology. Education. It's all there because we have harnessed our ability to master the fire element.

It's the only element capable of transforming the other elements. Whenever we add fire to any of them, they change and take another form. They become something else. They evolve. Just as we do when we add a little fire to our mind.  


Ether (or space) is our time-space potential before we make it reality. It's the ultimate element and encapsulates all the others in endless variations. Ether is the element from which they all unfold and come into existence.

It's also the medium of vibration. Without ether, we wouldn't be able to pick up sound or any other vibration. Including the primordial word from where everything arises.

Ether can best be described as unmanifested potential. Not until it transforms into one of the other elements does it become manifested. As a result, it's also where the other elements return to, when they have completed their task in life. Ether is the mother ship of the elements, so to speak.

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