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The pitfall of personal development.

As seekers we are always under the threat of falling into the greatest pitfall of them all in personal development.
The pitfall of personal development.

Like any sport, personal development has its disciplines, and we all have to find the one that matches us.

It doesn't make any sense to try to follow a path that doesn't speak to the very core of our being. That would be living in self-denial, which would make the unfolding of our true self impossible.

It's much better to explore who we actually are, and use that as a stepping stone to find the most suited personal development discipline for us.

Process of learning

The great thing about being willing to take the process of exploration is that we learn along the way. Especially about ourselves. The process of finding our discipline is a personal development process in itself, even when what we explore turns out not to be us.

If we continue to pursue an answer in that process, we will eventually find our discipline. It's almost certainly not what we expected, though, because during the process of finding it, we have changed. We have become a different version of ourselves, and we are a lot more clear about what makes our heart tick.

The first trap

That's the power of the seeker. Through the process of seeking, we find an answer, no matter where we seek.

Still, that doesn't mean that it's THE answer, and as seekers we should always be careful to make that assumption.

It's a natural part of our psyche to think we have found the holy grail every time we find something new. Many a seeker has fallen into that trap and stopped seeking — only to feel miserable and disillusioned as a result.

Never stop seeking

For any seeker, it's the process of seeking that leads us on, and it's a process that never stops. We have to keep going.

Naturally, at some point you discover what kind of discipline works best for you, and when you do, you should stick to it.

At the same time, you cannot stop seeking, so how do you handle that? The answer is simple, and it is this:

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