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The write time.

Your voice comes from the inside and is independent of your environment. As a writer you must learn to connect with your voice no matter the circumstances.
The write time.

When starting out as a writer, you are always looking for the right time and place to write. The perfect setting and moment where everything comes together, and you express yourself with divine elegance and supernatural depth.

You seek that moment, and try to design it the best you can. Depending on who you are, you either go for solitude and silence, or the nearest café to absorb the atmosphere and turn it into something on the page.

You start having little rituals that you must perform before writing, and you might even start demanding a certain behaviour from people around you, when you are in writing mode.

The inside

To be fair, we all have our creative preferences, and once you find them, it does pay off to stick to them.

However, your voice doesn't grow out of the writing space around you. It's not dependent on any particular setting in order to function. If you think so, get rid of that idea. It's an illusion.

The only space your voice depends on is the space inside you. The depths of your inner being. All the stuff on the outside is just your mind trying to facilitate the unfolding of whatever is there on the inside.

Open channel

To truly know your voice, you must have an open channel to your inside that is independent of anything on the outside. Anything.

Otherwise, you risk fooling yourself into thinking you know your voice, because you can facilitate it. It's not like that. Your voice must be able to speak in any situation under any circumstances.

Therefore, in this exercise, you are going to challenge yourself through a combination of the earth- and space-element. This is how you do it:

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