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Time to explore.

Writing is connected to the unknown, and when you get the urge to write, it's because you feel the need of exploring the depths of your being.
Time to explore.

As you know, writing is exploring your inner being and the ability to tap into a larger reality. It's a vehicle for discovery, and very few other activities have the same depth.

When writing you create your own space of action while integrating your body, emotions, thoughts, and intuition in the same process.

In other words, all the elements are in play at the same time, and your cognitive faculties are running at full speed. You simply hit the flow-zone and surf the wave of whatever wants to be written. Just like you would surf a big wave on the ocean.

The seeker within

That's why writing is connected to the unknown, and that's why you cannot be a writer without having some sort of seeker within. It's different for all of us, but it's there somewhere if you are drawn to writing.

When people come out of a writing session, they look exactly like people who come back from an adventure where they have explored the unknown. They have that secret smile upon their face, which says that they know something we don't.

Self elevation

I feel the same every time I finish a writing session, and I love seeing the same expression on other people's faces when they close their notebook at a café.

Without being noticed, I glance at them and try to connect with their new reality, but of course, I can't. It's theirs alone, and I would be intruding if I took it further.

It doesn't stop me from enjoying, though, that another human being has elevated themselves through the magic of writing. I wish more people would give themselves that experience. It's so rewarding.

The urge to write

It doesn't start, however, until we feel the craving of exploring ourselves. It's that urge to understand life and write deep from within that ignites the process.

We have to exercise that emotional muscle as much as possible to get the effect of writing; no matter what we want to use it for. It all begins there.

When we get that feeling, we know it's time to explore.