Who are you?
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Who are you?

Who am I? A fundamental question for all of us, but to answer it we first have to ask the question, "Which element am I?" Only then can we open the gates to our soul.
Who are you?

The most fundamental question we can ask ourselves as a thinking individual is, "Who am I?" Part of building an identity as we grow up is asking that exact question, and we often end up answering it with what we do for a living. This is, of course, important, but it's not who we are. It's what we do.

To answer the question of who we are, we have to dig deeper into our soul, and to do that we need a different road map, because the domain of the soul is unknown territory for most of us.

The five elements come in handy here. They give our mind something to navigate by, as we enter the depths of our being and try to put words on what we find along the way.

Which element are you?

A better question to ask ourselves is therefore, "Which element am I?" We are all conditioned to life in different ways, and we all act differently. When life challenges us we respond according to our fundamental conditioning, and although we can train ourselves to react in specific ways, our way of doing so will always have a personal style or flavour to it.

Where does this personal touch come from? How do we define it? How do we nurture it and develop it, once we have found it? Logically, it will make us better at being us in whatever we do, so why not take it to a higher level?

To understand which element we are helps us do that. It makes it easier to do things our way, instead of the way of others.

I am water

I, for instance, am the element of water. It means that I am emotionally driven in my choices and have to maintain a constant flow of emotional awareness in order to function in life. Otherwise I go stale.

This process is the basis of my cognitive abilities and presence in life. It's how I navigate and make choices. Does it feel right? That's the question I always have to ask myself. Only then can my intellect go to work and analyze the circumstances. If it doesn't feel right to begin with, I never get to the analysis. I simply move on.

In other words, my soul is conditioned to the water element, and it's my responsibility to elevate it to the highest possible level. In doing so I discover new layers of my personality and better ways of handling myself in life. I develop as a human being knowing with certainty that this is how I navigate in life. I not only know my element; I am my element.

Stay true to your element

When we sometimes feel on the wrong side of life, and everything seems to be stacked against us, it's usually because we are trying to meet life from the wrong angle. We are out of our element. We are not using ourselves the way we should.

Most likely we do things in the way of others, not our way. We imitate another person's element, because it helps us build our identity and answer the question, "Who am I?" On the surface it always seems easier to imitate those we are impressed by, but it's a loosing game. We will never be able to access the depths of our being that way. The gates to our soul will remain forever closed.

If we stay true to our element, however, we will find that those same gates open up immediately. Our soul invites us in and lets us explore it without conditions. We will feel at home in the process and finally learn who we are, not ever having to raise that most fundamental question again. We will know.

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