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Who are you?

Who am I? A fundamental question for all of us, but to answer it we must begin by asking a different one.
Who are you?

A fundamental question in life is, "Who am I?"

Part of building an identity is asking that question, and we often end up answering it with what we do for a living. This is, of course, important, but it's not who we are. It's what we do.

To answer the question of who we are, we have to dig a little deeper into ourselves, and the five elements come in handy here. They give our mind something to navigate by as we enter the depths of our being and try to put words on what we find.

Which element?

So a better question is, "Which element am I?"

We are all conditioned to the five elements in different ways, and when life challenges us, we respond according to this conditioning.

Earth-people become structured, water-people get emotional, fire-people start thinking, air-people start talking, and space-people take action.

How do we define what we are? How do we nurture it?

Answer: We write about it.

Stay true to your element

I, for instance, am the element of water. It means that I am emotionally driven in my choices and have to maintain a constant flow of emotional awareness in order to function in life. This process is the basis of my cognitive abilities and general presence in life.

It's my responsibility to always mature it, and I do it by writing a diary on the basis of my emotional well-being. That way, I discover new layers of my voice, as well as better ways of handling myself in life.

When we sometimes feel on the wrong side of life, it's usually because we are trying to meet life from the wrong angle. We are out of our element. However, if we stay true to it through our writing, we feel at home in the process of life. We know who we are.