Why do you matter?
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Why do you matter?

We always hear about people wanting to make a difference, but finding out how is the tricky part. To get there we have to answer one of the toughest questions there is: Why do we matter?
Why do you matter?

I initially picked up this question from a branding seminar in San Francisco a few years ago, but adopted it to personal development immediately. It works great in that context too, because it's a question of universal character. It's extremely difficult to answer, but once you nail it everything becomes easier.

The thing is that we always hear about people wanting to make a difference, and how important that is. It is important, but finding out how is the tricky part. It can't be just anything. It has to fit your personality and approach to the world, as well as your belief system.

Differentiate yourself

So why do you matter? Tell me in a few words.

It's hard, right? Still, it's key to figuring out your position in the world, which again is key to making a difference, and it all depends on being true to your spirit.

You have to define it yourself. You can't allow others to do it for you, because people will always try to define you on the basis of what they already know. Then you become like everyone else, and that doesn't leave a lot of room for you.

You have to differentiate yourself from the crowd, if you want to make a difference. It's logical. You can't make a difference as part of the crowd. That would be the crowd making a difference, not you. To make a difference you have to stand out, and you can only do that, if you are true to your spirit.

Change with change

So again, why do you matter? Tell me. Still hard to answer? I understand. I have spent months figuring out my own answer. Every time I thought I had it, it changed because I changed, which forced me to change it, which again changed me... and so on.

That's personal development in a nutshell. You find an answer, and it leads to a new question, which leads to a new answer, and so it keeps going. It's almost a never ending process. Very similar to writing. Or life.

Like life, however, it does end one day. You will figure out why you matter and come up with a simple, yet profound, answer. Mine is,

"I matter, because I am an independent seeker and writer."

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