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Write from the future.

When writers create change in their lives, they do it through writing. What else? But change can be hard when we are attached to the emotions of the past.
Write from the future.

When we look back, and write about it, we write our history. When we look forwards, and write about it, we write our future.

Logically, we should have to write more about our future than our past in order to move forwards, and not get stuck in the past.

That's not how we do it, though, is it? Usually, we are so emotionally attached to our experiences that we keep writing about them — even when we have written about them numerous times.

Critical amount

It's human nature, and we do it to heal our emotional wounds; which is a good thing, but if that's the only thing we write about, we never move on.

We have to write about the future to get to a new place both on the inside and the outside. And, we need to write more about the future than the past.

Why? Because we need a critical amount of emotional future to replace our emotional past.

Attached to feelings

It's a psychological fact that what we take in emotionally, we cannot let go of with logic. The mind simply doesn't work that way.

So the only way to move forwards from old wounds is to replace the feelings of the past with feelings of the future.

The problem, however, is that we are attached to our emotional reality in a past tense? How do we become attached to future feelings, when it can only happen by looking back at them?

Three elements in one

To make that work we need a mental framework of the future, which we then attach the emotions of the past to.

Writing is perfect for that. It's pretty advanced stuff on a psychological level, but through the practice of five element writing it's relatively simple.

All we have to do it combine three of the elements in one exercise. They are the space-element (action), fire-element (thinking), and water-element (emotion).

In this exercise that's exactly what we are going to do, and here is how it goes:

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