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Writing facilitates change.

Nothing facilitates change better than writing. It's a natural process to be in, and it's the very thing that makes you a writer.
Writing facilitates change.

One of the reasons why writing works so well for personal development is that it has a natural facilitation effect to it. Whenever you write, you change. It's not always a huge change, of course, but there will always be a change taking place.

For some people that's scary and for others it's godsend magic. I personally belong in the latter category and find writing the best tool out there for personal development. It doesn't require anything but pen and paper to facilitate whatever change you want. Most likely including physical exercise, as I pointed out in this week's Wednesday Newsletter.

In a world where constant change is inevitable, I find it a lot easier relating to all that change by sitting down and writing about it. I don't have to do anything else. I really like that.

Approved by science

But don't take my word for it. Look at the science on it, which tells us that simply writing about something with pen and paper facilitates an emotional, mental, and physical change.

It's why writing a diary is so effective for adjusting your condition on a daily basis. It just works. No other stuff is needed.

You can enhance the effect, though, by giving your writing a specific framework. That's what we do in our writing exercises, for example. But you don't have to. Writing itself is enough.

Writing makes you a writer

Seen from my perspective, going through that process is what makes you a writer. You don't have to write literature or anything like that to be one.

You are a writer when you write to let the process facilitate change. Whether it stays in your diary or becomes a published novel doesn't matter. Writing makes you a writer. End of story.

As a result, I consider writing and personal development two sides of the same coin. You can't separate them. Writing will always facilitate change. It's a sure thing. So use it.